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Make beats. Learn code. Promote equity.

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Pharrell Williams, Georgia Tech, Computing at School and Amazon invite students to engage in an inspiring new learning experience that explores the ways music, computer science, and entrepreneurship can be tools to advance racial equity.

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Students explore how computer science, music, and entrepreneurship can advance equity. Using Georgia Tech's EarSketch platform, students code a 30 second – 3 minute musical remix using Pharrell's new song "Entrepreneur". Submitted remixes will be judged based on quality of music, code, and messaging by a panel of industry professionals.

Students can compete in pairs or on their own from Tuesday 1st November 2022. Prizes will be awarded to the winning school and 5 student entries.

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November 1 2022


March 30 2023

Shortlist announced

17th May 2023 

Winners announced

On or about May 24, 2023


Students can compete with their class or on their own from 1st November to March 30, 2023. Generous prizes will be awarded to the winning school and 5 student entries.


Bring the full experience to your classroom with the lessons below. Each module is written to take 60 minutes to complete and includes all instructional materials.

Module 0

Optional: Intro to EarSketch
Students create an EarSketch account and gain a basic understanding of the coding platform.

Module 1

Message in the Music
Students explore how to decode the message in the music and embed messages in their code with comments.

Module 2

Layers of Injustice
Students examine the "layers" of both racism and music and code their own song layers with variables.

Module 3

Set Your Own Tempo
Students hear stories of amazing entrepreneurs who “set their own tempo” before coding their own unique 16 measure song.

Module 4

Song Structure
Students discover the roles people can play in the fight for racial justice and code their own song structure with custom functions.

Module 5

Call To Action
Students finish coding their remix of Entrepreneur and use their "voice" to embed a unique message to advance racial equity.


Register as a teacher to receive details of our free

remote training and resources.

EarSketch Hour of Code Classroom Resource

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New to EarSketch? Bring the excitement of teaching coding through music to your
class in this all-in-one recorded session. We'll show your students how to use
EarSketch and how to submit and entry in a fun, instructor led, one-hour session.

Teacher Training

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Ready to get started? We’re providing remote training with day and after school options.
We’ll take you through the six-lesson module, how to get the most out of EarSketch
using Python and all the information you need to enrich your curriculum and inspire
your students.


All song submissions will be judged by Amazon and Computing at School Ambassadors. Prizes will be awarded following our finalist judging on May 24, 2023.

College Student



Young Teacher


Grand Prize Winning Students: £500 Amazon Gift Card
4 Runners-up: £250 Amazon Gift Card
40 Finalists: £50 Amazon Gift Card

The Grand Prize Winning School will receive a £2000 Amazon Gift Card


Layer of Songs

Music Technologist Chalece DeLaCoudray and Audio Engineer Mike Larson code sound layers in EarSketch. Mike Larson has worked with Pharrell has his Recording Engineer for over 10 years. Chalece was the first African American to receive a Masters in Music Technology from Georgia Tech.

Decode the Message in the Music

Dr. Joycelyn Wilson, Assistant Professor of Hip Hop Studies and Digital Media at Georgia Tech, schools us on messaging in music and how to decode it with her groundbreaking method, The O.U.T.K.A.S.T Imagination.

Song Structure

Music Technologist Chalece DeLaCoudray and Audio Engineer Mike Larson code song structure in EarSketch using functions.


Beatrice Dixon, Co-Founder and CEO of The Honey Pot Company share her Top 6 Tips for entrepreneurs and the importance of entrepreneurship and equity.

  • What is the recommended age range for participation?
    We currently recommend this challenge for students aged 11-18 years.
  • How and when will winners be chosen and notified?
    The entries will be judged by a panel which includes employees of Amazon based on the following criteria: Musical quality, algorithmic thinking, and messaging in the music.The winners will be determined on or about May 24, 2023. For all Prizes, the selected entrants will be contacted by phone or email at Amazon’s sole discretion. Only the selected entrants will be notified. Reasonable attempts will be made by Amazon to contact the potential winners by phone or email within fourteen (14) days following the completion of judging.
  • Can students work in teams or must they submit individually?
    Students can submit songs in pairs or individually.
  • If I'm a student, should I complete on my own or with my class?"
    Up to you! You can share the opportunity with your classroom teacher to see if your entire class can participate. If your teacher has already registered for the competition, they can submit your entry here. If your teacher has not registered for the competition, your parent or guardian can register for the competition and submit your song here.
  • Do I have to use the curriculum to participate?
    While we strongly recommend using the curriculum, it is entirely optional. The curriculum is provided to help teachers guide meaningful discussion and instruct sutdents how to use Earsketch. Teachers may implement the curriculum as they see best for their classroom.
  • What materials (hardware/software) are required?
    Students will need access to a web browser and internet to participate. EarSketch is a web based coding platform (no downloads necessary). EarSketch runs on chromebooks and any computer with a standard web browser. All curriculum materials can be used digitally or can be printed out. No other equipment is required.
  • Who can I contact for questions about the competition or for help with EarSketch?
    Please email for any questions regarding this competition or for help with EarSketch.
  • How do students submit their final songs?
    Your teacher can submit your entry here. If you're entering without your class your parent/guardian can submit your entry here.
  • I can't attend any of the training but I need support. What other training options exist?
    All training will be recorded and shared for those that cannot attend live training. Following registration, Computing at School will provide you with the necessary details to book onto their day and twilight remote training options.
  • Who created the Your Voice Is Power Curriculum and Competition?
    URRICULUM DEVELOPMENT & PRODUCTION: Sabrina Grossman, Program Director, CEISMC, Georgia Tech Chalece DeLaCoudray, Innovator in Residence, CEISMC, Georgia Tech, Joycelyn Wilson, PhD, Assistant Professor of Hip Hop Studies and DM, HipHop2020 Innovation Archive, Georgia Tech Roxanne Moore, PhD, Senior Research Engineer, Georgia Tech Stephanie Walters, YELLOW Foundation Justin Funiliar, YELLOW Foundation Mike Galliard, YELLOW Foundation Krystal Hardy Allen, CEO, K. Allen Consulting Jaritza Alecon, Associate Consultant, K. Allen Consulting VIDEOGRAPHY: Tekquiree Spencer, Executive Producer, Spencers4Hire Jermaine R. Spencer, Executive Producer, Spencers4Hire Beatrice Dixon, Featured Entrepreneur, Co-Founder of the Honey Pot Company Mike Larson, Sound Engineer and Music Producer CREATIVE: Kass Escalera, Design Education Diversity, Amazon Ashley Glover, UX Designer, Amazon Fire TV Jimin Kim, UX Visual Designer, Amazon Matt Giuliari, UX Designer, Amazon Devices Design & Services Group , Rina King, UX Visual Designer, Amazon Devices Design & Services Group TECHNICAL: Jason Freeman, Chair, School of Music, Georgia Tech Luke Heerman, Application Developer Lead, School of Music, Georgia Tech Love Park, Education Outreach Coordinator, CEISMC, Georgia Tech
  • What is EarSketch?
    EarSketch is a free web-based platform to help students of all ages learn core topics in computer science, music, and music technology in a fun and engaging learning environment. EarSketch helps students learn to code in Python or JavaScript through manipulating loops, composing beats, remixing sounds, and applying effects to a multi-track digital audio workstation.
  • What is YELLOW?
    Founded by recording artist, producer, songwriter, philanthropist, and entrepreneur Pharrell Williams, YELLOW is a 501(c)(3) non-profit working to EVEN THE ODDS for all youth through education. YELLOW has a focus on 5 key priorities: Abolish Remedial, Revolutionize Teaching, Inspire Entrepreneurship, Nourish Youth, and Enlist Communities. Through these priorities, YELLOW will transform education and teaching for the future, creating a lens of possibility.
  • What is Amazon Future Engineer?
    Amazon Future Engineer is Amazon’s signature computer science program, designed to inspire, educate, and prepare children and young adults from underrepresented and underserved communities to pursue computer science.
  • What is Computing at School?
    Computing at School is the network for Computing Teachers in the UK. Part of BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT, Computing at School harnesses the power of volunteers, empowering members to gift knowledge, expertise and support to one another in a virtuous circle of improvement. To find out more and get involved visit
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